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Maryna Krut sitting and leaning against the bandura with a tan background and plant next to her

Maryna Krut (pronounced “kroot”) is a Ukrainian singer and virtuoso of the bandura, a stringed instrument unique to Ukraine that looks and sounds like a hybrid of lute and harp. At 28, Maryna Krut is an assured performing artist; her compelling, soulful performances evoke both folk traditions and modern sensibilities, with pop and jazz flourishes. A Eurovision finalist, she often represents Ukraine at official events and performs for soldiers in the current war zone, and she has appeared at the Edinburgh International Culture Summit, Andalucia Big Festival, Montreal Ukrainian Festival, and on other international stages.

The bandura’s harpsichord-like sound is both delicate and assertive. Krut’s instrument has an astonishing 64 strings stretched over a single piece of wood, with 13 bass strings stretched along a short, fretless neck, and the remaining treble strings stretched across a large soundboard. She plays the bass set with her left hand, while the right plays across the prodigious treble array. In addition to being a masterful instrumentalist, Krut’s striking, powerful voice soars in an acoustic setting, whether with a string quartet or solo.

Early bandurists were male balladeers who travelled from village to village; early in her career, says Maryna, “I dyed my hair pink, painted my nails black, wore leather jackets and started to play the bandura in a more modern, jazzy and funky way.” (Vogue Australia). Now she’s stretching her style back toward the bandura’s folk roots. “[Her music] represents the DNA of Ukrainian culture, in all its styles, classic and very modern.” (Ouest France)


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