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Give the Gift of Live Performance

At the Playhouse, we believe that the arts are an integral part of our lives and that it is essential to encourage and support access to the magic of live performances. With this in mind, we are proud to offer programs that ensure live artistic experiences are accessible to everyone in the Greater Fredericton area.

These programs are possible thanks to the generous support of our donors — the Friends of the Fredericton Playhouse.

How to donate:

To make a financial contribution, click here or call 56-459-6207 to reach Julie Friddell. 

Thank you for your gift!  Together, we can strengthen the cultural life of our community through the magic of live performance.

Your donation allows us to:

• Provide special school matinée field trips to local students, many of whom have never been to the theatre before

• Provide free and discounted tickets through our Arts are for Everyone and Pay What You Will access programs to people in our community who face barriers to attending live performing arts 

• Design and deliver programs and services that make important connections between artists, audiences, and the community