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Steve Patterson jumping in the air, arms outstretched at different angles, and legs bent. He's wearing a full suit and is in front of a flat white background

Many Canadians recognize the name Steve Patterson. He’s been a crowd favorite since his first Just for Laughs Gala appearance back in 2004, and as host of the long-running hit show The Debaters on CBC since 2007. But what they may not know is how Patterson’s perceptions have shifted since he became a dad to two precocious daughters. Those new perceptions are on grand display in his new show which picks up on the themes introduced in his popular book published by Penguin Random House Canada in 2021 Dad Up!.

From being outsmarted to being outrun to being outnumbered (current household rankings have him clinging to 6th place in importance behind his wife, his daughters, their dog, and whichever stuffed animal is most essential in any given week), Steve struggles to come to terms with the responsibilities of being a dad. But fortunately for audiences, his struggles are pure comedic delight. Come join this iconic Canadian comedian on a 90-minute fun ride that will warm your heart, rekindle memories, and maybe most importantly, will get you out of the house and laughing with strangers. Which, really, is the best gift families can give to each other.

Along with hosting The Debaters on CBC Radio for over 12 years, Steve Patterson is a Canadian Comedy Award winning joke-machine who knows how to charm an audience with relatable material about everything from his 7-year old daughter’s sarcasm to being in the ‘bird-appreciating’ age range. His comedy skews clean (unless you want it a little saucy, then he’s happy to oblige) and he is a keen observer of both current events and the climate of the audience in the room.

If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house and enjoy a night of solid laughs, Steve will make sure that you don’t regret hiring the sitter. Cause he probably had to hire one too, so it’s even-Stephen.


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