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Three artists silhouetted on stage against orange window lights

One enters into Flamenco as one enters into religion.

Rite is the powerful and explosive new flamenco show from Quebec-based multidisciplinary group, La Otra Orilla. Combining dance, voice, guitar, and percussion, these four artists will take the audience along in an energetic and poetic journey of flamenco. At the heart of this artistic proposition lies an intimate conversation where each element reveals itself while defining the other.

Works by acclaimed La Otra Orilla are recognizable for their unique and radical approach to flamenco, reflecting an overall trans-disciplinary vision. Based on the collaboration between dancer and choreographer Myriam Allard and singer-director Hedi Graja, this company embodies and celebrates the timeless and universal appeal of flamenco. The artistic directors rely on their in-depth knowledge of the nuances and modes of this art to suggest a hybrid language that is modern and poetic, creating strong productions that are firmly rooted in the present.

“Pay What You Will” is offered on select performances. Here’s how it works:

– You still need a ticket. Book your seats in advance at, by calling our box office at 458-8344, or visiting us at 686 Queen Street.

– At the performance, we will provide an envelope and ask audience members to pay whatever amount they wish (based on their own individual experience) following the performance.

You decide the price of your tickets!

The objective of “Pay What You Will” is to increase access to our programs, and to encourage our patrons to take a chance on new and exciting performances.

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Flamenco workshop with Myriam Allard

Sunday, Feb. 16 1:00-2:30 pm. $20
Charlotte Street Arts Centre Auditorium.
Max 25 participants.

Flamenco is a profound, powerful and striking art form. We invite you to discover and deepen your knowledge through a class with Myriam Allard, the dancer, choreographer, co-artistic director of La Otra Orilla. Suitable for ages 16+. Shoes with or without heels are compulsory for the class; no experience necessary.

Buy tickets here.

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