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A group of acrobats mid-cartwheel flipped upside down

Muse offers up a refreshing view of contemporary circus by asking a deceptively simple question: what does it mean to be a woman? Well, the answer to that question might require some… acrobatics. Get ready to see it explored by powerful women, graceful men, and every permutation in between. Created by FLIP Fabrique, this is a circus show like you’ve never seen before - daring feats and amazing acrobatics are the canvas on which these performers play with gender roles and stereotypes. The show’s collection of eclectic performers will have to choose between a football uniform or ballet outfit, symbolizing the boxes society so often forces people into: are you a tough, aggressive man, or a sweet and delicate woman? Naturally, few of these talented actors will actually identify with either of these archetypes. But whether they’re wearing high heels or shoulder pads, the acrobats’ abilities are sure to amaze.

FLIP Fabrique is a circus company based in Québec, Canada. Born out of the dreams and the friendship of circus performers in 2011, this troupe is renowned around the world for its beloved productions combining astonishing feats with true visual poetry. Composed of world-class artists, the troupe crafts contemporary circus shows with an uncanny ability to have fun and move the audience. In addition to its large-scale shows presented every summer in Québec City since 2015, the troupe performs around the globe in the most prestigious circus institutions and festivals. “More often than not, adults have forgotten how to play and have fun,” says founder Bruno Gagnon; he wants to help us find our inner child once more.

FLIP Fabrique wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the City of Québec for their financial support.


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